In my last post I asked if anyone could guess the items I bought at an antique store in The Junction. Despite some good guesses (and my knitting friend who was gracious enough not to guess) no one commented a right answer.

I took the photo to my trivia team and had some luck. My friend Lex was able to tell that the item on the bottom is a crochet hook. This particular crochet hook is made of bone, or possibly ivory. This likely dates it to the Victorian period, but I need to do more research to be sure.

The item on top is a darning mushroom, which is used in darning socks. The large rounded head is used to support the part of the sock (usually the heel) that is being darned and allow it to keep its shape while the hole is stitched up.

So those are the latest additions to my textile tool collection. In future posts, I’ll introduce you to some of the other fascinating items I have.