Yesterday was so beautiful, especially after the horror movie fog we’d had all Saturday, that Nyron and I couldn’t resist taking a walk around the Junction, even though our original plan for the day was to run a few errands and then veg on the couch. One of the nice things about that neighbourhood is that it’s full of interior design and furniture store, so we spent some time looking at dining table made of reclaimed barn wood that we can’t afford and have o room for our tiny townhouse. We got some groceries at a local grocery store and a blueberry pie from a local bakery, but my favourite find were these:


I found them at an antique store. I asked if he happened to have any vintage textile tools, which I collect, and he preceded to pull out boxes and baskets shoved haphazardly under a table against the wall. He didn’t know what most of it was, so I took a moment to explain to him what he had. Any guesses?