The book edits are done. I finished it on Monday and sent it back to the publisher, with a slight feeling of sadness. At this point, the publisher is going to go over my changes and only send it back to me if there’s anything significant that I need to approve or change.  In fact, she’s probably already finished by now and has moved on to typesetting the pages, the last stage before printing Advanced Reading Copies to send off to reviewers. Any changes I might want to make, any further revisions I feel my work needs, it’s too late now. The words on those pages are the words that will always be there, for as long as this book exists somewhere in the world. There’s a frightening finality in that, which caused me to hover with my cursor over the [Send] button for a moment before clicking. It’s said that finishing with a book is like sending a child off to university, knowing that you’ve done all you can to make it the best it can be, but from now on it has to live in the world on its own. I wonder if authors get used to it, or if even Stephen King, as he pops out books like Michelle Dugger pops out babies, still feels like this after each one goes out for print.

It only lasted for a moment, though, and then I felt a sense of freedom. Empty nest time! The first thing I did was clean the kitchen, something I haven’t been able to do in the middle of the day for a few weeks. When you’re working on a deadline, anything that can be put off for later, is, and I found myself routinely doing the dishes at 10:30 or 11:00 at night before going to bed.  It’s wonderful to have it done by lunch time. Then I spent some time in my studio making a cover for my new laptop.  I bought a pretty new Toshiba netbook for school, the brown one, so I’m turning an old felted thrift store sweater into a cover so that it stays nice and shiny. I’ve also been doing lots of relaxing and watching tv.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll spend some time playing video games, who knows?! Although I felt some sadness at sending my baby out into the world, the feeling of calm and relaxation has lasted longer.

That is, until we have to start marketing.  Then the work starts again.