I’ve got the edits back from the publisher, so the book is in its final stages.  Even though I know it’s the normal practice, it’s seemed strange to me that people have already paid money for my book, when it’s not even finished yet.  I have to go through the edits (highlighted for me thanks to a computer program called Track Changes), approve or reject them as needed and send it back.  The editor only did copy editing rather than the substantial edit I’d been expecting, so I’m doing a bit more revision on my own; hopefully there won’t be too much back and forth before the final draft gets confirmed and typeset for printing.  We’d like to get review copies printed in time for the Book Expos, at least the one here in Toronto if not the American one.

Suman and I met up yesterday to talk marketing.  The publishing house will be sending out review copies, but that’s about all we’ll get in terms of promotion.  We’re still hoping to do a launch somehow, we need to figure out how much it will cost.  We also talked about making little promotional items tied to the book, like fridge magnet measurement conversion charts and bookmarks, as well as local grocers and butcher shops to approach about carrying the book or having us for signings.  My local butcher has been excited for the book since the first and asks me whenever I go there to buy chicken breasts or ground beef when it’s coming out.  He definitely wants us for a signing, too.  For some reason, signings are what I’m really excited for.  I’ve been to quite a few signings of my favourite authors, and having a signing of my own feels like “making it” for me.  Of course, I know I’ll likely get tired of them quickly, but for now I can still look ahead with anticipation.  Does anyone have any brilliant marketing suggestions for the book?  Since we have a budget of $0, it has to be things we can do relatively inexpensively, or are at least worth the money spent.

I had lunch with my friend Rita at the Gladstone.  She copy edited the manuscript before we sent it to the publisher and she’s helping me work on the index. In Kurt Vonegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle one of his characters, a professional indexer, says that an author should never index their own book because it tells too much about the author’s personal feelings and obsessions. I think that an author should never index their own work, because it’s hard to be objective and make decisions about what index worthy.  But on the other hand, I’m glad I’m doing it myself because I’m kind of anal about indexing and cataloguing and I don’t think I would really trust anyone else to do it.  🙂

Rita and I also did a gardening swap.  I gave her a bag of my homemade compost and she gave me seeds for sunflowers, muskmelons, spinach.  Every warm day is 1 day closer to gardening!